In 1830, The French invaded Algeria and colonisation began with settlers from France but also Spain, Malta, Italy, attracted by the prospect of a new life.  This diverse group of migrants acquired French nationality and became known as the Pieds Noirs.  Algeria became part of France and the Algerians became second-class non-citizens in their own country.

In 1962, Algeria won its independence after a long and brutal war.  The Pieds Noirs fled on mass, mainly to France, which viewed them as an unwelcome immigrant community.  The Algerians were left in a country in tatters and rife with political instability.

To this day, biased historical positions, distrust and enmity are still the norm.  The relationship between the two countries is tainted by conflicting historical views about their common history, mutual resentment and lack of dialogue.

Hopefully, this blog will contribute to the wider emerging interest in post-colonialism artistic dialogue increasingly taking place between France and Algeria include the pied Noir community in this attempt and work toward a better understanding between people.

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