A while ago, I found this text on a blog.  Because I copied it on a piece of paper in a very old fashioned way and didn’t save anything on my computer, I am unable to acknowledge ownership but it struck me as being so true, I need to copy it again and share it.

“For a refugee there is a very big contradiction, or at least in my case, which is, I don’t want to be here, I want to be in my country.  And a lot of time is spent thinking about this: I am going back, I am going back, and they don’t create the conditions in which to adapt; so it’s a struggle that sometimes lasts for many years.  And the people who have already adapted usually say: “forget about it, this is your country, this is your new home, your new residency is this one”   But psychologically, this is difficult.  One doesn’t want to renounce their past.  One doesn’t want to renounce their homeland or want to accept the reality.  One always want to consider that asylum/exile is a temporary condition.

if I remember well these are the words of a South american exile in London but they brought back memories of these long, long Sunday lunches from my childhood where all the adults endlessly reminisced about “life over there”, as it was in the golden days of their lives.  The same unwillingness to renounce  the past, the homeland or accept reality!  With a difference though, they claimed that this France that didn’t really want them, that they didn’t really like,  was their country and the reason why thy had to abandon they land .  No wonder that with such a “muddled” predicament, peace of mind has not been reached yet.

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