This is quite an important announcement as it motivates the whole blog and will force me to write on a much more regular basis.

This September The Leverhulme Trust granted me an Award as Artist in Residence at the School of Languages and Area Studies at Portsmouth University for a year to explore representations, discourses and Identity within the context of postcolonialism and the Algerian revolution.

One of the points of relevance for this residency is the fact that I was born in Algeria before it gained its independence which technically makes me part of the French settlers (in my case of Spanish origin) that oppressed the Algerian populations.  As such I hope to engage in the ongoing dialogue in contemporary art taking place between France, Algeria and the UK exploring postcolonial issues and bring a new viewpoint bridging differences between people and communities.

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  1. Salut Patrick, contente de savoir de toi et tes projets. J’aimerais bien savoir comment ça vas continuer ce projet ponctuellemnt et si je peux te aider tu peux compter sur moi, je suis la. Plaine des bonnes choses pour toi et bon travaille , c’est super avoir un projet ci important et engagé.

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