I was born in Algeria and lived in France, South Africa, Ecuador, and now in the UK. I was awarded my M.A in Fine Art from the University of Brighton in 2008. I was twice recipient of a prestigious Leverhulme Trust Award; my work is concerned with themes such as capitalism, colonialism, diaspora and identity and refers to our living in times of extreme turbulence and instability, both political and environmental. My interest in postcolonial issues and their enduring effect on our lives are instrumental to my artistic vision and understanding of the world.

As an artist I believe that our environment reflects our identity as a society or civilization and that we have the resources to transform the compromised spaces in which we live. We will not change our world without a profound spiritual transformation, which I see as an essential step for the advent of a new humanity. It is these concerns and interests that give a humanist dimension to my work.

It offers a viewpoint, which challenges conventional perceptions and bridges differences between people and communities. It endeavours to transcend the concept of cultural alterity through an artistic exploration of contemporary Western and Eastern art.

It explores the historical, cultural and political relationships between former empires and their colonial past and aims to make a bold and innovative contribution to the artistic debate about the relationship between power and representations within the framework of postcolonialism.

I work toward furthering the understanding between the West and the East, tolerance within society and reconciliation between people. In a world increasingly experiencing petty nationalism and xenophobia, my work and the dialogue it generates, is becoming acutely relevant.

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