This series tells a story of diaspora, alienation, rootlessness and growing political awareness of the need for diversity and multiculturalism in a world that threatening to slide into fragmented, competitive, and nationalistic chauvinism.  It also is a personal story of a formative travel through very diverse cultures to become a “citizen of the world” and find a form of inner peace.


“Throughout history, from nomadic deserts to modern cities and for thousands of years, people have migrated from place to place looking to improve their lives for the better. Whether we live in America, Asia or Africa, we are all descendants of immigrants in one way or another.  Patrick Altes, through his art, has chosen to examine the complex issues of identity and diaspora that have touched all of our lives in one way or another regardless of artificial boundaries.”

Herair Garboushian.  Garboushian Gallery, Los Angeles.