Arcadia often refers to a place of rustic innocence and simple, quiet pleasure.  It evokes the idea of an idyllic pastoral dream where life is both happy and wholesome.  This idea often implies that the past, another past, is a better alternative to the present.  It is often associated with nostalgia and the idea that our distant past […]

Diwaniya Art Gallery, Algiers represents my work

Why is being represented by Diwaniya Art, a contemporary Art Gallery in Algiers of such personal and creative significance to me? Why does it give me such a sense of pride? I was born in Algeria, in Oran, in the middle of the War of Independence. My family – Franco-Hispanic – were “pied noir”. On […]

Quote by Ed Moses

thinking design, creative solutions “My thought is that the artist functions in a tribal context, that he is the shaman. When the urban life came in, tribes no longer existed … but there was still a genetic core of shamans, of magic men, broken loose and genetically floating around. And when they had this gene, […]

I Was Born in Oran

thinking design, creative solutions A message is encapsulated in this work and its title, a message that escapes me and that I try to grasp. Don’t ask me to explain the “narrative” of this painting, because it is by observing it closely, very closely, looking from far, far away, then closing my eyes so as […]

Anger and tolerance don’t mix

thinking design, creative solutions Anger and tolerance don’t mix. Yet as a French citizen who moved to the UK more than a decade ago, I feel a bit betrayed and consequently, although not justifiably, angry. I loved the idea of a united Europe that would lead the world in terms of environment, human rights and […]

Tolerance is a mindset

thinking design, creative solutions Tolerance is a mind-set. In no case does it mean that you agree with everything and that you instantly become a “yes-person” always seeking to please and appease. The motto “my freedom starts where yours stops” doesn’t apply to tolerance but there is definitely a give and take principle determining the […]

Community and shared values

thinking design, creative solutions It sometimes looks like our sense of community and shared values is fast disappearing. It feels we are living in times of crisis when politicians threaten to shut down parliament or defy congress.  We need  to cherish democracy and its instruments and not forget about the alternatives.  More than that, we […]

Tolerance and living in society

thinking design, creative solutions Tolerance is a key concept in being able to live in society ad allowing society to evolve.  In that respect, the human figure is treated as a symbol of humanity rather than a description of individuals.   It is there to remind us that what unites us is stronger than what […]

Fundamental British values: Respect of people’s opinions

thinking design, creative solutions As part of my exhibition at the Gerald Moore Gallery this coming November, I wanted to design a series of poster celebrating fundamental British values, which I would love to call fundamental human values if they were more widespread… The result is a series of “weird” posters (which I had great […]


thinking design, creative solutions Talking about intolerance , a good friend of mine once said: “Women having the same rights as men is a sure sign of a society based on tolerance”. According to this, we still live in extremely intolerant times on many levels. The fight for equality shouldn’t exclusively be the fight of […]